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State Fair of Virginia Scholarship Program & Donations

Donations to support scholarships

Not having a State Fair of Virginia in 2020 means different things to different people. For some, it is the loss of a time-honored family tradition, and for others it is as simple as living life without fair food! For our business, it is a loss of 80% of our overall operating revenue. Amid those disappointments, we remain committed to offering State Fair scholarships, and to supporting the young people who began preparing early this year to show animals at the 2020 fair.

  • We will hold a a modified Youth Livestock Show October 2-4 and anticipate more than 300 youth participants (This event will not be open to the public).
  • We will award scholarships in all competition areas that are part of the show.
  • We will continue to offer an applied scholarship program this fall, and continue to award scholarships in early 2021.
  • We will hold a drive-up fair food event Oct. 2-4, open to the public, with a portion of the net proceeds supporting State Fair scholarships.
Past supporters of Black Tie and Boots, Sale of Champions, and any partner or friend who wishes to support the scholarship programs may mail to: Attn: Marlene Jolliffe, State Fair of Virginia, P.O. Box 130, Doswell, VA 23047 or donate by credit card by clicking one of the following links:

Black Tie and Boots Support

Sale of Champions Support

General Scholarship Donation

Choose an amount that is comfortable for you, and know that we are doing everything we can to come back bigger, better and stronger in 2021.


When you have enrolled in an accredited college, university or trade program, the earnings will be paid directly to your student account at your educational institution. To access scholarship funds after enrolling in a school, you will complete the Scholarship Payment Request Form and submit the form to the school’s registrar’s office. The registrar’s office will then forward the request to the State Fair of Virginia for payment.

Scholarships not used by your 24th birthday will revert from your name back into the State Fair of Virginia Scholarship Fund. You may not request that funds be transferred to another student.

Earned Scholarships

Earned scholarships are awarded through competitions held during the State Fair of Virginia. Please refer to individual competition guides for specific opportunities. Competitions that offer earned scholarships include:

4-H & FFA Competitions

AgriScience – Demo
AgriScience – Poster
Crops Judging
Junior Dairymens
Horticulture Demonstration
Jr. Forrester
Small Engines Troubleshooting
Tractor Troubleshooting
Lawn Tractor Operators Safety

Livestock Competitions

Dairy Cattle
Dairy Goats
Meat Goats
Sale of Champions

SkillsUSA Competitions

Auto Body Repair – Team
Automotive Tech – Team
Cake Decorating
Carpentry – Team
Fantasy Comb-out
HVACR – Team
Job Skill Demo
Knife Skills
Manikin Comb-out
Masonry – Team
Nail Care
Promotional Bulletin Board - Team
Total Fashion

Other Competitions

Fine Arts

  • Two Dimensional
  • Three Dimensional
4-H Horse Show
4-H Dog Show
High School Rodeo
Student Gardens

2019 Youth Livestock Awarded Scholarship Applications

Thank you to all the talented candidates who submitted applications.

Available Categories:

Junior Livestock - open to youth livestock (meat goat, lamb, swine and beef cattle) participants ages 9-12.
Intermediate Livestock - open to youth livestock (meat goat, lamb, swine and beef cattle) participants ages 13-15.
Senior Livestock - open to youth livestock (meat goat, lamb, swine and beef cattle) participants ages 16 and older.
General Application - open to all exhibitors from the 2019 State Fair of Virginia.


Scholarships earned through State Fair competitions in 2012 and earlier are held in an account at Virginia Tech. Students with scholarship earnings from 2012 and earlier will receive an annual statement from that account and will submit a similar request to the Virginia Tech Foundation for disbursal of funds. Therefore, a student who earned scholarships both before and after the 2012 State Fair will request scholarship funds from two organizations.

Virginia 4-H Foundation Scholarship Payment Request


If you have questions regarding the Scholarship Program or procedures, please contact at 804-994-2802.

Read the Scholarship Committee Charter

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