Earned Scholarship Competitions
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Earned Scholarship Competitions

These scholarships are awarded through competitions held during the annual State Fair of Virginia. Opportunities include:

4-H & FFA Competitions

AgriScience – Demo
AgriScience – Poster
Crops Judging
Junior Dairymens
Horticulture Demonstration
Jr. Forrester
Small Engines Troubleshooting
Tractor Troubleshooting
Lawn Tractor Operators Safety
Student Garden

SkillsUSA Competitions

Auto Body Repair – Team
Automotive Tech – Team
Carpentry – Team
Fantasy Comb-out
HVACR – Team
Job Skill Demo
Knife Skills
Manikin Comb-out
Masonry – Team
Nail Care
Promotional Bulletin Board - Team
Total Fashion

Livestock Competitions

Dairy Cattle
Dairy Goats
Meat Goats
Sale of Champions

Other Competitions

Fine Arts

  • Two Dimensional
  • Three Dimensional
Culinary Arts
4-H Horse Show
4-H Dog Show
High School Rodeo

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