Natural Resources Area
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Natural Resources Area

Do you know what the state fish of Virginia is? Have you ever seen a live snake in person? Did you know that Virginia has State Forests? Would you like to learn more about Soils? Have you ever been to a Virginia State Park? Have you ever wandered about the geology of Virginia? Do you know the history about the Highway Sign Markers? Do you want to attract more pollinators to your yard?

If you said yes to any of these questions, be sure to visit the Natural Resources Area!

Special Programming

Virginia Wildlife from the Mountains to the Sea
Virginia’s vast wealth of wildlife species are managed by the Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and Marine Resources Commission. Both agencies work together to ensure the wildlife from the western border to the Atlantic Coast remain healthy. Visit with the staff and live wildlife species found across the state including snakes, salamanders, horseshoe crabs and fresh and marine fish, in the Dominion Classroom.

Other agencies represented include the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Department of Mines, Minerals & Energy, Virginia Department of Forestry, Department of Historic Resources, Virginia Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts, and National Parks.
There is so much to see, learn and do! Visit this wonderful collection of exhibits.
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