Culinary & Creative Arts Competitions
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Culinary & Creative Arts Competitions

Online Registration Open! Click the Link Below!

Plan your entries by using the competition guides found below. Check out our new Live Culinary Contests, Virginia Outdoors Competition Division and our Youth Scholarship Competititions!

Please note competition results for creative, culinary and horticulture contests are not posted until halfway through the fair, around September 28.
The above Shipping Return Form is necessary for competitors who wish to have their items mailed back to them after fair. Please read all directions to ensure no delays.

SFVA Youth Scholarship Competitions

The SFVA Scholarship Program promotes positive youth development by recognizing and rewarding leadership and scholarship attributes developed through meaningful competition. Awarded scholarships are held for the recipient and sent directly to the recipient's educational institution to support continued learning, including but not limited to 4-year degree programs, community colleges, trade and technical schools or classes, and certification testing.

Funds can be requested by filling out the form on our scholarship page and are held until a student is 24. For additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

Entry Delivery Map - Use Comp Guides for Times

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