Virginia Commodities Pavilion
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Virginia Commodities Pavilion

A one-stop shop to learn about Virginia’s agricultural commodities, including: Virginia Peanuts, Virginia Tobacco Board, Lavender Fields Herb Farm and Virginia Soybean Association, the Meadow Pavilion will showcase multiple organizations that represent the best of Virginia.

The Virginia Farm Bureau will take you on the farm with their multi-part interactive educational simulation display. Sit in the Farm Tour Tractor Cab, chop corn, or explore a chicken house. Visit the Farm Product Kiosk as you travel with the food you eat from the farm to your fork. Once the food is on your fork, test your knowledge with the My Plate matching game to test how nutrition Virginia agricultural products fit into your meals! Stop by the Agriculture in the Classroom exhibit and get the best educational resources so the fun doesn't stop at the fair!

Be sure to visit our Virginia's Finest vendors as well to take the farm to the fork!
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