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Can I bring my pet?

Can I bring my knife or gun to the State Fair?

What is your policy on alcohol, tobacco use and marijuana use?

Can my photo be used in marketing and promotion of events?

Is photography allowed inside the fair?

Can I bring my Segway or Hoverboard?

Notice to Ticket Holders


How do I become a vendor in 2024?

When will the fair be open?

I’d like to visit the fair during off-peak hours, but I don’t want to miss entertainment. What are your recommendations?

How do I get to The Meadow Event Park?

Where can my Uber or Lyft driver drop me off at the fair?

When are the Midway and Kidway open?

Are all of the attractions included in my admission ticket or is there an additional cost?

Is there a separate charge for concerts?

How do you ensure the safety of your rides?

How old do my children need to be to ride the rides?

Who is the 2023 Virginia Association of Fairs Queen?

Can I bring in food or drinks?

Does the Fair offer recycling?

Can I bring in my lawn chair or a blanket for the concerts?

What if I need to go to my car and come back?

Do you offer shuttle service in the parking lots or inside the fair?

Do you have ATMs inside the fair?

Do you offer private facilities for nursing mothers?

What if I lose something while I’m at the fair?

What are future State Fair event dates?

What opportunities exist for School Groups?


Can I bring my knife or gun to the State Fair?

What safety and security policies does the State Fair of Virginia have in place?

What is the concealed carry policy for Meadow Event Park?


Do you have handicap parking?

Can I bring my own wheelchair or motorized scooter?

Are the concerts handicap accessible?

Can I bring my pet or support animal to the fair?


Will you donate fair tickets to my charitable organization?

Is a military discount offered?



Is parking free? Do you have VIP parking?

Do you have handicapped accessible parking?

Military IDs

Prices, policies, programs, schedules, entertainment and concerts subject to change or cancellation without notice. No weapons, guns or knives allowed at the event. Not responsible for lost, stolen, misplaced tickets and/or tickets obtained through sources not approved by the State Fair of Virginia. Ticket holder assume responsibility for him/her self as well as for each minor in the charge of ticket holder. You further consent to the use of your likeness in any displays, transmissions, or reproduction for marketing of this or any future event. No rain checks. No refunds. The Meadow Event Park and the State Fair of Virginia reserve the right to refuse admission.

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