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Featured Attractions

Famous Rosaire's Racing Pigs

And they're off! These crowd-pleasing racing pigs are back once again. You’ll have a swine time cheering for your favorite oinker during the daily competitions.

Heritage Village Music Series

Performance made possible with support from the Virginia Commission for the Arts Performing Arts Touring Assistance
Performance made possible with support from the Virginia Commission for the Arts Performing Arts Touring Assistance 
Heritage Village transports guests to a different time in Virginia history. This year, in addition to historical reenactments, displays and artifacts, fairgoers will also be able to enjoy acoustic music to aid in their time travel. Throughout the fair, the talents of Martha Spencer and Jackson Cunningham-Whitetop Mountaineers, Ron Mullennex, Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones, Sandy Shortridge and Tyler Hughes & Sam Gleaves will delight crowds while performing in Heritage Village.
All of these artists are part of the esteemed The Crooked Road Music Trail.

State Fair of Virginia Rodeo

The State Fair Rodeo, sponsored by the Virginia Horse Festival, bucks into town Oct. 5 & 6. Hold on tight for the ride of your life. A fair tradition, don't miss this one-of-a-kind experience.

Find more information on the rodeo, click HERE. For questions, contact Sharon Livengood at

XPogo Stunt Team

Extreme Pogo enthusiasts will have your mouths dropping as they fly through the air performing gravity-defying stunts.

The Virginia Loggers Association Demonstrations

Logging is the third largest industry in Virginia. The Virginia Loggers Association will be doing demonstrations to educate fairgoers on its importance to the economy and how professional logging is beneficial to sustaining forests.

Demolition Derby

Back by popular demand, the Demolition Derby crashes into the State Fair. NEW THIS YEAR- tiny crashers will get the excitement started with the Power Wheels Derby on Oct. 7. The Double Figure 8 Demo Derby will have qualifying on Oct. 7 culminating in the championship on Oct. 8.
Interested in participating? Entry Form is HERE.


Virginia State Auctioneer Contest

Virginia's finest auctioneers will compete before a live public auction selling various useful and unique items while competing for the title of 2017-2018 State Champion Auctioneer.
The public is invited to watch this exciting competition, Thursday, Oct. 5 at 5:00 p.m in the Special Events Tent.

Click HERE for information on participation and sponsorship.

Chainsaw Carver

Watch master carver Ben Risney create one-of-a-kind masterpieces with nothing but a chainsaw. A must-see!


Secretariat Tourism Program

The State Fair of Virginia salutes Triple Crown legend Secretariat here at his birthplace every day. Fairgoers can see his historic barns, walk in his enormous 25-ft. racing stride, watch videos of his spectacular races and even take a “Selfie with Secretariat” by his life-size poster.

This year, visitors can touch a living link to the immortal champion - Groundshaker (pictured), a great-great granddaughter of Secretariat. The retired Thoroughbred race horse was given to The Meadow by Secretariat’s owner, Penny Chenery, and now lives here with her spunky little companion, Mia the miniature horse. Be sure to visit the Secretariat booth near Groundshaker’s paddock to shop for special souvenirs and meet author Leeanne Meadows Ladin.



Argri-Puppets is a fun family puppet show that teaches the importance of farming, animals and agriculture.
Join the puppet cast with sing-a-longs, identifying animals, popping bubbles and answering questions!
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