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Superhero Ag Trading Card Request Form

Hello educator! Thank you for your interest in our Super Ag Trading Cards to help connect youth to the incredible individuals in Virginia's agriculture and natural resources spaces.

Trading cards are designed to be used in classrooms or by educational partners, nonprofits and agritourism operations to assist with outreach and education of agriculture and natural resources to Virginia's youth and general public. Please fill out this trading card request form.

Please note, this is a request form and not a guaranteed fulfillment. We will do our best to fulfill all requests. Card requests are per individual cards and not per set.

Educator resources and lesson plans can be found on our website, including large printable cards for classroom use. We would love to hear how you use the trading cards and any lessons you create! For additional information or to share your ideas, please email us at

Be on the lookout for the second class of Superhero Ag Trading Cards next September at the 2024 State Fair of Virginia!
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